Henedy was born in the solar year 1986. She showed a great appreciation for music, animated drawings, and graphic arts from a young age.  


As time went on, she unleashed her creativity, studying drawing for advertising at the National School of Graphic Arts México, and taking courses in Flash and web programming. She went on to study digital character animation at the Vancouver Film School in 2009.


 A year later, she founded Anemona Studio, a studio focusing on digital animation and storytelling for commercial productions and entertainment.

11 years later the Studio continues to operate with a team of twelve talented professionals. Her passion, commitment, and dedication have allowed her to work alongside world-renowned corporations, like Disney, building and coordinating teams and directing departments in Matte Painting, art, surfacing, and more for films like The Nut Job 2. Henedy’s professionalism has earned her the trust of brands like Coca Cola, Corona, Telefonica Movistar, LOL, Fiat, and Nissan. 


Henedy is the co-creator of IPS such as Mambo and Domingo, Sneaker Troopers, Deedee and Cho, and Neon Hearts.


In 2019, Henedy co-founded Gnarly Kingdom Studio, dedicated to creating original animated content that is both fun and educational to awaken children’s curiosity about arts and sciences.


Henedy has completed studies in creative writing at the University of Toronto. In 2020, her short story “Tepanyaki” was included in the short story collection entitled “Nostalgia Bajo Cero”, or “Nostalgia below zero”, which received the 2020 Latin Book Award. She has also published several articles in Canada.


As a fan of sneakers for their conceptual design and storytelling attributes, Henedy holds a certificate in Sneaker Fundamentals from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.


With over 16 years of experience, Henedy’s professional life is devoted to providing the highest quality in audiovisual content, resolving challenges presented by each project, staying on budget, and meeting deadlines, all while meeting the highest standards of commitment and professionalism.